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The staff and management at Blendon Preschool believe that every child has the right to equal opportunities, irrespective of gender, origin, religion, culture, sex, race, disability, ethnicity or ability. Our playgroup is a multi-cultural pre-school and welcomes all irrespective of race. We operate a key person system within the preschool and your child will spend time growing an attachment with their key person. The key person will be responsible for toilet duties for that child, spending time together during focused activities, sharing happy moments and comforting your child when they are sad.
Lisa Foley
Angela Green

Preschool Joint Manager


Safeguarding Support Officer





Preschool Joint Manager

CYPW Level 3

Safeguarding support Officer

Margaret Hodgson       Sarah Wheal            Jacki Hulls

                       Treasurer                                        Nursery  Practitioner                            Play worker level 3                                                           Over 40 Years of childminding                in Training / Safe Guarding Officer            Deputy/SENCO


Stacey Miller          Michelle Watkins         Sally Shiner       
        NVQ 2                             Nursery Practitioner                    Nursery Practitioner
                                                        in training                                     In Training

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